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SOS Labour Solutions has the capability and experience to help you with your short- or long-term labour requirements, at a competitive rate.

Some examples of qualified trades and trades assistants we specialise in are listed below

-  Riggers

-  Scaffolders

-  Welders

-  Agricultural Labour

-  Builders

-  Electricians

-  Fabricators

-  Fitters

-  Forklift Operators

-  Plumbers

-  Trades Assistants

-  Maintenance Managers

-  Carpenters

-  Mechanical Engineer’s

-  Other specific role requirements on request

Sourcing candidates through SOS Labour Solutions is a very simple process. We take care of all the administration requirements involved in paying employees and our prices include superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation and public liability insurance.

We can also help in finding suitable employees for permanent placements.

Please contact Peter Taylor directly to discuss all your short- or long-term labour requirements.

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